Thursday, August 23, 2012

Face of Australia Liquid Liner - Black

 This liquid eyeliner was probably the first product that caught my attention from the brand Face of Australia. It was featured in a magazine for being amazingly pigmented, super easy to apply and having an incredible brush. Despite this, I still didn't feel as though I would be capable of using it, and that somehow (like always) I would still end up with a disgusting mess if I attempted to apply even the tiniest bit of liquid eyeliner.

Let me tell you the truth - I was wrong, I can apply liquid eyeliner and I can even boast about how easy it is when I'm using this product.

The first problem that I have with liquid eyeliner, is that I want a nice thin line super close to my lashes, but the brush is always too chunky for my clumsy hands. With this liner, the brush is incredibly fine, flexible and just does what it is told. The first time I ever used this product I got it perfect in one shot. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day telling everyone I met how great my eyes looked.

Another problem that I usually have is that it gets stuck all over my lashes and then smudged all over my eyelids and then I have to spend ten minutes removing all my eye makeup and starting all over again. I made a couple of mistakes on one of my eyes, but I just got a q-tip and in about two seconds (not even) had removed the wonky part and had a perfect line.

I love the packaging of this liner. It has a gorgeous matte black finish and it looks so classy and expensive!

The formula of this liner is beautiful. It is highly pigmented and it lasts all day (although if you rub your eyes continuously or cry it does rub off). It is quite wet when first applied and if you look up it will transfer. I wait about thirty seconds before looking around like crazy to ensure that the liner has dried. It does flake a little towards the end of the day which is frustrating, but it's not that much of a problem for me as by the end of the day I'm so worn out I couldn't really care about my makeup!

With this amazing liner I am able to create subtle thin lines, a winged eye (would would have thought I could ever create a winged eye?!) and everything in between. I was so proud of myself I even included a creepy collage of my eyeballs, just so you can see how awesome this liner is! I still need practise (I seem to start the eyeliner half way which does look a bit funny!) but I'm confident that this eyeliner will allow me to create a nice look. Please excuse the unbelievably creased eyeshadow, a review will be coming soon.

I love this liner and am so impressed, and I believe it costs only $8.95. I have to give it 8/10, because if I can use it, it must be a pretty good product!

*This product was sent to me for consideration but it has in no way influenced my review*


  1. I used to own this a few years ago! I loved the brush as it is great to do flicks with. I had to throw it out though as I had a lot of irritation at the time. It may have just been allergies at the time :( and not the eyeliner

    p.s. thank you for stopping by my blog! I am following you :)

    1. It really is a great eyeliner - such a shame you had problems with irritation...fingers crossed I don't get a similar response, although I've used it a fair bit and so far so good!

  2. It looks like it gives a really thin, precise and black line! You have amazing lashes as well :)


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