Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Savvy Translucent loose powder

I bought this giant 18.52g container of loose powder when Savvy was selling everything off for three dollars. I didn't have any setting powder (other than this) and I had been finding that in the really hot weather my makeup hadn't been sticking around. I am so pleased with this product!

Even though it says it is translucent, it gives a tiny bit of colour. I am really pleased because I didn't want it to be a foundation but I wanted a tiny bit of coverage too and this is the perfect amount. I apply my liquid foundation as normal and then use this over the top - it makes it stick ALL day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, good day or bad. It is amazing.

You know how sometimes powders, well, make you look powdery? This is not one of them! It doesn't settle into any creases, doesn't stick to dry areas, doesn't clump into groups. my skin looks dewey and fresh as it did without the powder, all this does is adds a tiny bit of coverage and makes my makeup stick like glue (without the sticky feeling!)

There is one thing that I cannot stand...the packaging! I hate it so much it's unbelievable. I hate it more than mushrooms and seafood put together, and that is a heck of a lot of hate! You see, the holes are so giant that a massive amount of product comes out. The brush I use picks it all up, I try and apply it to my face and a massive powder cloud explodes in my face. I sneeze, it gets in my eyes, the air from my sneeze blows more power around the room. I yell, I threaten to throw it in the bin, it's a disaster (and a true story!)

So, the packaging was a problem. Until I figured it out. Rule number 1 - Never ever hold it upside down, or even on the side. Rule number 2 - lightly dab the brush in the product. Get as little of it as you can on the actual brush. Rule number 3 - Use the lid to swirl the brush around, ensuring that the powder is evenly distributed across the brush. Rule number 4 - Blow lightly on he bristles of the brush. Rule number 5 - apply to face.

Now I realise that may seem like a lot of rules to apply powder, but it's so worth it. I adore this stuff. It is amazing. For three dollars, it is even more amazing. I want to give it 10/10 but that would be lying, because the packaging is awful. That is why I can only give it 9/10. So sad, so sad...

Oh, I have a question - Maybelline Dream Matte powder. Yes or no? I have heard good reviews, but now that I have this I'm not sure what to do. Is it a "translucent" powder like this, or is it a powder foundation?


  1. I have the dream matte powder, and although it may not be translucent, it is absolutely amazing!! I recommend it 100x!

  2. the product sounds great but its a shame about the packaging X

  3. Char - It really is a shame...

    AnaV - Thankyou! I'm a follower of you too, I love your banner!

  4. Thanks for the comment, glad you like my blog!

  5. this product sounds really nice! :)

    Love your blog! Just followed!

    Please check out mine if yo have time:

    Thank you

  6. Hey Rushie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I'm following you!


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