Friday, February 24, 2012

Formula 10.0.6 - Face the day, Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

Okay, so you have probably noticed my lack of extensive product review posts this week. Yes, life is so busy and believe it or not (I'm sure you beauty bloggers will understand) it takes quite a long time to review a beauty product.

First of all you have to test it out, and I mean really test it out. You can't just wear it for one day and then comment on it, you've got to put it through all kinds of tests to ensure that you have a very good idea about the product. Then you have to write a thorough review, ensuring that it is all 100% true. Then you take the photos, edit them if need be and upload them. If you are anything like me, it's really difficult to find a place with adequate lighting (the only time I have to blog is at night and of course, no natural light is around at that time!) and uploading the photos takes 100 years. So, I know it isn't really a valid excuse, but things have been a little chaotic and unfortunately I haven't been able to post as many reviews as I was hoping for.
Right, I think that is enough blabbing, time for the review.

I have had this product for a while, and the reason I haven't reviewed it yet is because my opinions on it change weekly, even daily at a push! My opinion on it is determined by the weather, my skin and how lazy I am feeling. Yep, it's one of those products.

It was in winter and my skin was behaving pretty well. I didn't really want all that much coverage because I didn't feel as though I needed it, and I wanted to sleep in for a few extra minutes in the morning. Foundation takes a lot longer to apply than tinted moisturiser (well, it does for me anyway) so I figured a tinted moisturiser would be the best option, allowing me to sleep a little longer...

When I first bought it I absolutely hated it, and I know for sure that this was the case with a heck of a lot of other people. You see, when it comes out of the tube it's orange, bright orange. I was quite disappointed because I hadn't expected it to be like this. There were no testers at the shops and the tube itself had a foil seal over the opening so there was no way you could tell what colour it was going to be.  Twelve dollars down the drain!

Because it was winter and my skin was almost transparent, I decided to put it away until summer time. Of course, when summer finally rolled around I forgot about it until the very end when it was almost too late. Still, I gave it a good shot and came to what I hope is my final opinion regarding this product.

In order to use it I have to work hard. It requires a lot more effort than foundation in terms of applying it. Because it is so orange, even when I have tanned skin it still isn't the correct colour. I have to use it so sparingly an blend blend blend! Once I feel as though I have blended enough, I blend some more, just to be on the safe side. One positive thing that I can say about it, is it does give a nice, healthy glow. Because the colour isn't perfect, I looked more tanned, but not in an awful "Eww, buy the right foundation you crazy lady!" kind of way. More of an "Ooohhh, have you been on holidays in Hawaii?!" kind of tan. It just requires so much effort to get there!

It has an SPF 15, Aloe and Vitamin A. It is supposed to be good for the skin, in that it doesn't clog pores. I think at first it feels a little heavy and greasy, but after a little bit it feels fine. Another thing I like about this is that it really lasts throughout the day. It was about 38 degrees today, so I was sweating a heck of a lot, but it still stayed on so well, without primer.

The smell is a funny one, some people don't mind it and others hate it. I think it smells like sunscreen that has been covered with a sweet perfume. I personally can tolerate it, and I don't feel as though the smell stays with you once it is on your face. It's supposed to be a moisturiser, but I think you need to apply your usual moisturiser too. It's not drying, but it's not overly great moisture-wise either.

This is one of those products that you should not buy unless you have found a tester and have worn it for a day prior to buying. I know people that really like it, and people who think it is possibly the worst beauty product in the entire world.

Me? I think I shall give it a 6 out of 10. I'll use it up but I won't be buying any more. I will however, continue to love the names they give their products - check them out!

L-R - Blob, unblended, tiny bit blended, completely blended (completely
blended is on the far right (you can't see it))
Sorry, I had no idea how long this was until I was just about to post it!


  1. I had this and I stayed away from it for the EXACT same reason! I'm a bit annoyed i didn't give it more of a chance

  2. It's so frustrating when you ditch a product then hear about how you could have used it differently to make it work for you! Still, hopefully you have discovered a better tinted moisturiser since.

  3. I haven't been a fan of tinted moisturisers, this doesn't really change my opinion X

  4. I'm not surprised Char, it's not the greatest tinted moisturiser in the world!

  5. I've got really pale and greasy skin so I actually hated this product. I had the exact same issues and just couldn't get it to work for me, which is a shame because their other products worked so well on my acne! xx

  6. Karagh - Good to hear you liked their other products, I have been thinking about trying them. They really did not do well with this product though!


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