Saturday, February 4, 2012

Australis Eye pencil - Black

There are a couple of beauty bloggers out there who are huge fans of Australis beauty products. The only Australis product I had ever used was their nail polish which I reviewed here. I decided it was time for another product.

I admit that I haven't got the best relationship with eyeliners, but this one added to my eyeliner dislike.

This eyeliner is not long lasting. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing because it isn't waterproof, but it does not last longer than about an hour. I personally think that if it doesn't last for even an hour then that product is just not worth having.

Left line: Several strokes
Right line: One stroke

When swatched on the hand it appears to be relatively pigmented, but when I tried to apply it to the eye I had to go over the line several times. Of course this meant that my lines were messy and not at all accurate. I rubbed it gently to see how smudge-proof it was and it spread all over my hand. Going about my daily business it was about twenty minutes before it had spread everywhere and there was only this really faint line where I had applied it.

It was also very dry and when I had to go over my eye several times, it pulled and irritated me. I ended up with sore, red eyes due to the fact that it pulled and tugged so much.

There is a very good range of colours: black, brown, navy blue, olive green, white, blackest black and silver.

So, the formula is terrible, the lasting power is awful and as for the price? Well, it reflect that. I bought this eyeliner for six fifty on special, and I think it was marked down from $8.95. Yes, it is cheap but I do not at all think it is worth it.

I give this product two out of ten.


  1. Awww!Just hate it when a product doesn't work for me. 2/10 is bad!!!

  2. I know, it is so disappointing! At least I didn't waste too much money on it!


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