Sunday, February 26, 2012

OOTD - Out to dinner

This is my first outfit of the day...well, it's actually an outfit of the night. We were going out to dinner last night, nowhere too posh. I pulled out the shirt and realised I hadn't worn it for ages so I decided that would be what I was going to wear.

I actually bought the shirt from an Op-shop for three dollars, and I really like it. According to the label it was from Valleygirl. I really love the black, woven detailing around the neck, it really adds so much character to it. It wouldn't be nearly as nice if it didn't have it. I love the way it sits, the shape is just lovely. The band at the bottom fits snug on you hips and the material above it doesn't cling. The only problem with that is that another shirt must be worn underneath or else it is a little too low cut. I usually wear a cream coloured tank top from Supre.

My jeans were also from an Op-shop, and according to the label they were from table eight. I bought them for ten dollars and they are so comfortable. I do have to cuff them because they are quite a bit too long, but I could get them fixed if I wasn't too lazy to get around to it.

The shoes are from Rubi shoes. At first I wasn't sure about the red, I had intended on wearing black flats, but I think the purple and the red went well together. As for my bracelet, it is just a simple one from Diva that came in a pack of five, nothing too exciting.

So yes, my first OOTD isn't all that exciting to be perfectly honest, but I think it looks alright.

My bag

What the shoes actually look like - the first photo is so washed out!

Red lips to match the shoes!


  1. Oh thankyou Char! I was really nervous about posting this, and your comment made my day!

  2. The black, woven detailing around the neck of your shirt is sooo pretty. Love how you have paired it with those jeans. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you. Would love to see more posts like these.

  3. Cute outfit :) I think the jeans look cool cuffed and love your bag xo

  4. Love those shoes - i'm a big fan of red shoes!

  5. Pandora - Oh thankyou for the compliments! It means a lot to me...hopefully I will continue with some more of these posts!

    Hannah - Glad you like it - the bag is looks small but I swear it can hold everything!!!

    Rachael - Red shoes are so cool!



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