Monday, February 20, 2012

Maybelline Bronzer - Forever Warm

 I got this bronzer quite a while ago but never really got into it because I had my Savvy by DB Jumbo one! I decided to try and use it a little more the other day, and figured I may aswell complete a review on it. I am aware that they aren't being sold anymore, however I have seen them at Gloss stores, and of course, Cheap as Chips!

Unlike my Savvy bronzer, this isn't matte. It is quite obviously a shimmery bronzer when swatched on the hand and applied to the face, but in the pan it looks matte to me. It has a sun pattern in it and comes with a tiny brush. Seriously, I don't understand why they put a brush in when you clearly cannot use it!

The first thing that I noticed was that it wasn't particularly pigmented. I thought the Savvy one wasn't pigmented, but in comparison to this one, it is amazing! Whilst this is kind of frustrating, when I really think about it, it is probably a good thing. Because this bronzer isn't matte, I don't use it for contouring but more for giving me a nice glow. If it was too pigmented it could easily look muddy and horrible.

It can appear to be a little orange on the my skin. This is definitely one that I reserve for summer. I don't wear much bronzer in winter anyway, but I can guarantee if I was to wear some, this wouldn't be it. A summer bronzer only!

The packaging is fine...not too fiddly to open, not too flimsy. It seems to tick all the boxes in that respect...

One thing I will mention is that it feels quite silky. That might sound a little funny, but when applying it on the skin it feels less like powder and more like a silk. It claims not to clog pores, and it is one of those products that actually feels like it won't clog them. It's very lightweight and feels good on.

The lasting power of this bronzer is what really lets it down. It only lasted a couple hours max on my skin, whereas my Savvy one was much, much better.

I do like this bronzer, but because my Savvy one is just so much better it makes this one look dreadful in comparison. I give this bronzer 6 out of 10.

Left - The Savvy Bronzer brush
Right - The brush you get given


  1. No problem Simera, glad you found it useful.

  2. Nice review. Too bad about the lasting power though. I'm glad you have a back up bronzer i.e. savvy.

  3. Eek, just seeing this brings up bad memories! I had one that I used very sparingly in summer for a weeks days. Didn't last because the pan came unglued from the compact and shattered against the plastic top which in turn then came loose and catapulted bronze chunks all through my make up case :(

  4. Pandora - Thanks, I'm glad I have my trusty backup bronzer!

    Charr - Oh thanks! :)

    Michaela - Oh my, thankyou for your comment, it made me laugh so much after a loooonnggg day! I'll have to make sure I don't let that happen! At least you would have had a pretty, shimmery makeup case! Haha.



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