Thursday, January 12, 2012

BYS lipstick - Champagne rain

Sorry about the background, for some reason it was really
difficult to get an accurate colour in the picture

I have only recently discovered how good BYS lipsticks are, and I now have three. I have heard them being compared to NYX round lipsticks, but I myself cannot comment on this because I have never used a NYX lipstick. I have also heard this particular shade being compared to Mac Hue (which I also have not tried).

Champagne Rain is the newest addition to my collection, and gosh is it good! It is this gorgeous pinky/nude colour that is perfect for every look whether it be everyday or to pair with an out-there eye. In the tube it looks more brown than pink, but I found that when applied to the lips it looked much more pink. However, whilst it is perfect for me and suits me well, I can guarantee it won't look good on everyone. This is one lipstick that I have had several comments about whilst wearing it, all of them positive. My Mum in particular was really in love with this lippy, so I guided her to Cheap as Cheaps! Because the lipstick was only three bucks she was happy to give it a shot. Unfortunately it didn't go looked dreadful.

This is definitely one of those lipsticks that you have to be careful about. It has the potential to give you concealer lips and make you look dead. I suggest you give it a shot, but consider the fact that it might not suit. Try and get it on special (for about two dollars) but the most I have seen them being sold for is five dollars (I got mine for three).

Okay, time for me to stop rambling and get on with the rest of the review.

The texture of this lipstick is the kind that sinks into the lines on your lips and accentuates the dry, flaky skin that you might have on your lips. I personally apply a lipbalm, usually Nivea Light Kiss, and I find that it makes the lipstick appear a lot smoother. The application is a little lengthier than other lipsticks I have, and a little difficult to get right, but I personally feel as though it is very worth it.

The lasting power is alright, a couple of hours without eating and drinking, but you have to reapply after eating or drinking. When it wears off it comes off nicely, unlike the BYS lipstick Sassy Salmon.

This swatch is very true to colour

When I apply it, I find that using my fingers or a brush is a lot easier and provides a better finish to the lips. I pat the colour in to make it last longer and stick on my lips a little better. It also makes it look less like lipstick and more like natural colour.
So, this colour is one of my favourites, but unfortunately it requires a bit of effort to put on. Still, it's very worth it and I give it 7 out of 10.

I have included a photo of swatches of my three BYS lipsticks. The review for Sassy Salmon and Coral Kiss can be seen here.

L-R: Champagne Rain, Sassy Salmon, Coral Kiss


  1. I love the colour! I have this too, and it's an amazing nude :)

  2. It is good, it's definitely a keeper!

  3. Champagne rain is such a pretty name. Looks gorgeous on your lips.
    QUOTE:"it has potential to give you concealer lips and make you look dead"
    That would be me :)

  4. It is a nice name now that you mention it...awww, I sounds like you and nudes aren't such good friends! :(

  5. That looks really pretty on you. I love finding good stuff that was cheap too!


  6. Thanks Nazia. Cheap stuff is so good!

  7. i think this would look good on my lips. looking for this in the store soon. thank you :)


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