Thursday, January 19, 2012

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

I don't consider my hair to be particularly difficult to handle. Sure it's long and can get into the most horrific knots you will ever see, but generally it is pretty good. Still, after using the two dollar supermarket shampoo for years, I found that it just wasn't cutting it. It was time for me to switch to another shampoo and conditioner.
The awful lighting in my bathroom

As you walk down the supermarket aisles you are greeted with a lot of options. Why did I buy Herbal Essences? Three reasons:
1. It was the cheapest option
2. The colours were very eye catching
3. I had seen a lot of magazine advertisements and they had worked their advertising magic - I wanted it!

I purchased the red one, Long Term relationship in both the shampoo and conditioner. It was love at first sight! I used that for about a year perhaps, and then found that it wasn't really working anymore.

I don't know, that probably sounds really stupid that it was brilliant for a year and then useless after that, but that is truly what happened.

I then moved onto the pink one, Dangerously straight, and found that it worked magnificently. About a year later, it ceased to work. What?!

So, still wondering what this was all about, I moved onto the orange one, None of your frizziness, and of course, found that it was brilliant.

It hasn't been a year yet (!) and it is working well, although I am currently using Dangerously straight for shampoo and None of your frizziness for conditioner. It seems to be effective so far.

I've had a look around on their website, filling in their little questionnaire to determine which product is best for me. Apparently I want the blue one called Hello Hydration. Well, when stops working I'll give this one a shot. Before you know it, I will have tried every single one of them!

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! They smell amazing, work so well (for a year at least, haha!) and I have the giggles every time I have a shower. Seriously, have you read the back of those bottles, it's so clever and entertaining.

I might have to try their leave in conditioner and split end protector. I'll swap to a new product every year.

If you have tried this and found that it no longer seems to get your hair clean, I would suggest swapping to another product in the line. Maybe it is just time for a change...

I give this product 8 out of 10, after all it really should work for longer than a year!

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