Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheap as Chips - The new Priceline!!!

Okay, maybe Cheap as Chips hasn't taken away my love for Priceline, but god is it good! For those Australians that are forever looking over Cheap as Chips because at first glance it looks as though it is only full of two dollar party hats, please do that no more!

I admit, I am guilty of never ever going into Cheap as Chips because to be honest, it's pretty dodgy. But recently I found myself in the biggest Cheap as Chips ever - it was the size of a warehouse!!! I discovered that it was where Priceline would give all of its less popular, mislabeled, slightly unusual products to be sold at 1/100th of the original price! I was in heaven.

You see, there was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the products dumped in the huge plastic tubs, it's just that there might have been a scratch on the golden lipstick tube, or the bronzer might have been labelled as eyeshadow, or the black eyeliner may have had "A gorgeous shimmery pink lip liner" written on the side, but apart from that they were all perfectly fine.

I think I spent about thirty minutes digging my way through the endless makeup, separating the brown lipstick and dark green and red lipgloss (yes, there was a dark green and red lipgloss) from the gorgeous pink lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadows. It required patience and effort but I enjoyed it so much, and you have no idea how worth it it was! I had to limit myself to six things, but I honestly could have bought about twenty!

So, after all this rambling I suppose you are curious to see what I actually bought! Let me show you!

The first item I spotted was a Loreal Paris golden eyeshadow. I snapped it up straight away but unfortunately I discovered it had a huge crack in it and all the shadow was falling out. Oh dear. It was okay though because I instantly replaced it with a Maybelline dream mousse eyeshadow in Suede Sensation (which I later found out was totally discontinued). I have never had a cream/mousse eyeshadow before, so I am really looking forward to seeing how it differs from other eyeshadows.

Another Maybelline product that I purchased was an Expert Wear Bronzer in the shade Forever Warm. I don't have a huge collection of bronzers so I figured it would be a good bronzer to get.

I also got a Maybelline Shadow Stylist Loose powder eyeshadow in Rich Violet. I have very few loose eyeshadows so this will be good to try out. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this product but I am hoping for good things!

I also found two BYS lipsticks that I have had my eye on since seeing them on Lilit's blog Makeup and Macaroons. I have been looking for these for a while but was struggling to get them in the shades I wanted. Finally I found the shades Sassy Salmon and Coral Kiss. I really love the shade Sassy Salmon, I'm so glad I found it!

Last but not least is the BYS Nail Polish in the shade 'Salmon' (More Salmon!) which is a polish that changes colour according to your mood (well, that's what the packet says anyway - haha!) I am looking forward to seeing whether it changes colour enough to notice, or whether it is just like every other regular polish.

Do you want to know the best bit? Everything but the polish was $3, and the polish was $3.50. Bargain!


  1. The lipsticks looks nice. Could you please tell me something more about the brand and etc?
    ( Err.. I am watching this space and constantly updating my makeup list I gave to my sis :P )

  2. Haha Nivedita, making the most of your sister's holiday!!! Well BYS is probably the cheapest makeup brand here in Australia and the quality of the makeup within it varies from product to product. The blushes I have found to be pretty good in quality and there is a reasonable range of colours. I have never tried any of the lipsticks before, but according to a couple of other blogs they are pretty good considering the price. I will try them out as soon as possible and try and do a review for you! I probably wouldn't go for any of the lipglosses or the nail polishes in this brand (the only reason I bought the polish this time was because I've never tried a colour changing polish!)The brand is a little hit and miss, sometimes I come home so pleased and other times it goes straight to the bin. I hope I can help you out!

  3. Oh, Nivedita, another thing I would recommend is seeing if your sister can get her hands on some Ulta3 polishes. I have done a couple reviews and I have found that polish to be so good. Just be careful of the super, super light colours because they tend to require several coats on the nail!

  4. Where is this store?! I live in Brisbane.

    I love finding Australian bloggers. Want to follow each other?


  5. Oh wow, you haven't heard of cheap as chips?!
    I just looked it up on their website, and I had no idea but apparently there are only stores in South Australia and Victoria! I had no idea! That's dodgy!

    Nice to see another Aussie blogger! Following you back!


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