Saturday, June 23, 2012

Essence lipstick - Red Carpet

Yes, I am back with another Essence lipstick, but I must say, I think it is rather fitting considering my Essence poll just finished and many of you said you were Essence fans.

I had actually never taken an interest in this particular shade until I saw it on Tegan's blog 'Tegania's thoughts' when I was going through some of her older posts the other day, and decided that it was something that I had to have.

It appeared to be an amazing, bright warm toned red colour that looked absolutely gorgeous on her, and I hoped that if I was to go out and buy it, I would look the same.

Whilst I don't feel as though I can pull it off as well as she can, I am pleased with my purchase.

Like my other two Essence lipsticks, I bought it for the tiny cost of $3.95. It has the same smell as all the others - a sweet marshmallow kind of smell - and the packaging has changed colour accordingly (I love the way the Essence lipsticks do that!)

As usual I am pleased with the pigmentation of these lipsticks, although in this case it is a bit different to my other two. Red Carpet is a lot more pigmented and is unlike 'In the Nude' and 'All about cupcake' in that you can't just carelessly slap it on with the confidence of it looking incredible - because this red lipstick requires some effort. Despite this, it suits me just fine and in fact the increase in pigmentation is just how I wanted it.

I'm not really a red lipstick person by nature, so I can find it a little scary when I try pulling one off. This lipstick can be applied like a stain, which is the way in which I typically wear it. I just apply it and blot with a tissue and it still gives a tint of red, but it's not too 'in your face.'

I, as with the other two lipsticks, have been remarkably surprised and very much impressed by the amount of time that this 'stain' stays on my lips. I found that I can eat and drink and there is still colour left behind, though when I eat it's usually only a sandwich, and by drink it's just water. Still, I find this to be good staying power.

These lipsticks when freshly applied are glossy and make your lips look really juicy. After about an hour they do become a little drying, but a quick swipe of gloss or lip balm freshens it up and gives your lips that little bit of additional moisture they require.

Once again Essence has really impressed me, I give this 10/10.

My ever growing collection!

All about cupcake, In the Nude, Red Carpet

Red Carpet, All about cupcake, In the Nude


  1. Ohh looks yummy! I've never tried Essence lippie before but I may have to give them a go ;)

  2. I think they're worth checking out - if you are a fan of Essence products in general then this won't disappoint!

  3. Looks like a very wearable red, especially as it's not overwhelmingly pigmented and you can always blot. Essence is a fantastic budget brand, I'm eyeing some of their cream eyeshadows but I haven't seen them in my local Target yet.

    1. It is quite wearable. I have recently fallen in love with Essence...I have an eye souffle of theirs, but I don't know much about the cream eyeshadows. I'll have to keep a look out.

  4. Your pictures made those lippies look organic high-end products.Good job.xo


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