Saturday, June 9, 2012

Essence Lipstick - In the nude

Back in April I posted about another Essence lipstick in 'All About Cupcake' and it didn't take long for it to become one of the popular posts on my blog. I was really glad about that, because it deserves to be - these lipsticks are great!

These lipsticks cost $3.95 at Target but I would pay so much more. I love the fact that the packaging matches the shade of lipstick, and that there is no possible way for the cap to catch on the lipstick as you try and put it back on (I'm talking about you BYS lipsticks!) They have a sweet marshmallow kind of smell that I find pleasant and are the perfect size to carry around with you.

Essence, in case you haven't heard the hype, is relatively new to Australia, only sold at Target but so worth checking out. I can basically guarantee that when you get to the stand you will look down on it (I always do despite the fact that I know the products are good) because the some of the packaging looks cheap and childish, and because 99% of the time the products have been smushed everywhere, but if you can sort through the lipgloss covered eyeshadow to where the unopened gems lie, it is so worth it.

The formula of these lipsticks is really sheer and no-mirror friendly. By this I mean it is very safe to apply without looking at a mirror - you can really trust it to look great despite the fact that you probably haven't kept within the lines! This of course does have a lot to do with the shade, but a lot of it is because it is quite sheer. Normally I would not approve of sheer lipsticks, but these seem to be just right in terms of pigmentation. You can wear these daily, and even the brighter colours are appropriate because they are more of a stain as opposed to an opaque 'WOW' kind of formula.

These lipsticks are very moisturising, although after prolonged wear they do end up being quite drying. I personally find that I eat or drink it off before it gets the chance to dry out, but with another swipe over the top it immediately fixes the problem. It makes your lips rather juicy and gives them an appropriate amount of sheen.

I am constantly reminding myself of the fact that these lipsticks only cost four dollars yet are so good. I am always skeptical of terribly cheap makeup, and sometimes it is for good reason, but Essence is yet to disappoint me.

If you are new to lipsticks, looking for a sheer(ish) colour or simply want to test out a new lippie, I would seriously suggest you make your way to Target and check this out. This particular colour is the perfect nude colour that won't make you look dead but will instead make your lips look healthy and plump.

I give this lipstick 10/10.


  1. One of my favorite lipstick ever! x

  2. I wanted to get All About Cupcake last time I was at Target, but the only ones left had already been used :( I definitely can't buy any more lipsticks, though these look lovely for under $4!

  3. It's so frustrating when all the products have been tester is adequate, there is no need to open another five! As for buying no more lipsticks....I admire your self discipline! :)

  4. This is a lovely colour, I don't usually wear nudes but I may try it!

    Tanesha x

  5. Thanks for the comment, it really is quite lovely. I wasn't able to add a swatch but if you are interested, you can see it on this post:


  6. nice color :) m following

    do check my blog


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