Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Australis Lip Travel Case

Somehow I came home with this when I went out grocery shopping. I don't even know how that happens...

Anyway, this wasn't a completely impulse purchase - I had seen a couple of reviews about it. Basically it is a little set of five lipglosses in the shades Contemporary, Lambada, Bellydance, Jazz and Bollywood. All of these shades are available in their full size in the normal range, but I chose to purchase this lip set so that I could test out five different shades (if you ask me, these are the five best shades as well, although don't take the website's word, the shades are so incorrect!). As this was on sale at Priceline for $9.96  (apparently it retails for $15) it actually turned out to be cheaper than just one of the normal sized glosses which sell for $11.95 - Bargain!

The little box that they come in has a magnetised strip across the front, making it a convenient flip top lid. The lipglosses fit in pretty snug - so much so that it can be quite difficult trying to get them out. There is a circular mirror on the inside but it is pretty small, I would have much preferred a large rectangular one that extended over the whole surface of the lid.

At first they appear to be so tiny, which I guess in the scheme of things they are, but it is perfect for me because I don't tend to go through gloss too quickly, and I also really like having a range of shades. If I find one I really love I can then purchase the full size. Also, as the name suggests, this would be absolutely perfect for travelling because it's all packed away neatly and you can carry five different lip looks around with you.

As I briefly mentioned before, I really like selection of colours that are in it. I think they would be flattering on most skin tones, with most people finding at lease two or three that they really liked. I personally love all the shades which is fortunate. Only one of the glosses has any type of shimmer or sparkle, which is Contemporary, but it is so minimal I was considering not even mentioning it. Contemporary and Lambada I like to use sparingly as they do border on a little too pale.

The consistency of these glosses is just perfect in terms of stickiness and not too runny or thick, as well as the creamy texture. They do sink into the lines of your lips a little, which can be problematic if you are wearing the lighter colours, although it is only a minor problem. When worn over a lipstick it is absolutely fine.
They aren't terribly long lasting, but it's satisfactory. Of course when eating and drinking it does rub off. Compared to some other glosses that I own these seem to dry out pretty quickly, but what I am impressed with is that once the gloss is gone there is a significant tint to the lips that remains. This is particularly obvious with the three darker colours, of course.

Overall I am really glad I picked this up, and I give it 7 out of 10.


  1. This looks like a really great set for travelling, it's a shame its not a brand available in the uk! :)

    1. Ahhh don't worry, there are many brands I am so jealous of that we don't have here in Australia - I guess it all balances out in the end.

  2. i really like your blog.. :)

  3. Thanks! I appreciate the comment

  4. I'm instantly drawn to the first two pale shades, though they'd probably look the worst on me lol :p I've not tried Australis lip glosses, but this is such a cute and convenient set (I never use up any product anyway, so these probably are a better size than the full thing) and at least you got them discounted as well :)

  5. It was certainly a bargain! Isn't that always the way - we always want what we can't (or probably shouldn't!) have! The sizing of these glosses is really quite ideal in my case.

  6. Those lip glosses look gorgeous! Like you said, its hard to find a product where you like all the colours you get in the set. Great review :)
    Brand new follower over here <3 yay!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment, and they are pretty nice glosses!


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