Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monthly Favourites - April

This is my first monthly favourites post so hopefully it's on the right track!

I have decided that I will have five categories each month - eyes, face, lips, nails and other - and I will include one product from each category at the end of every month.

First up for lips is my new Essence lipstick in All about Cupcake. I have used this almost every day since I purchased it and every time I put it on I am reminded of just why it is that I love this lipstick so much. It is the most amazing everyday colour.

For eyes I have another Essence product, the Eye Souffle in Pas Des Copper. Once again an amazing product, I have fallen in love with the texture and colour of the product. I have also been impressed with the pigmentation of the shadow, this small little tub will last me absolutely ages because you only have to use a tiny amount of product for the results to be effective. Love this!

For the face I have my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. You can read about it in my haul here, but I am hoping to post a lengthy review soon. At first I didn't think much of this product, but then I discovered how damn good it really was. How? By applying it over my new Garnier BB cream, the product that makes my face the greasiest I have ever seen it. This powder stops the oil completely ALL DAY which in my opinion, is quite an achievement.

For nails I have my Ulta nail polish in Pink Colada which is the most beautiful red ever! It kind of fits in with the Autumny feel around the place, although if you ask me it's pretty much winter already. How depressing!

Last by not least is my 'other' product. I have had my Body Shop Strawberry body butter for a long time, but I rediscovered it in April and have been smelling amazing all day long. It does interfere with your perfume but the strawberry smell is just so gorgeous, I just don't care!

Hopefully this post was at least a little bit interesting for you. My apologies for the lighting in the first two photos, it's so dark and miserable early when I have time to photograph the products. I have been so busy in the past week, hence my severe lack of posting, but I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly from now on.


  1. I love favorites posts!
    I'd like to try Maybelline powder.

  2. these are all great products! thanks! I will keep your reviews in mind!
    please check out my blog!
    Thanks! :)
    -Midnight Writer

  3. Char - Thanks Char

    Midnight Writer - Thanks for the comment, glad you are also a fan of the products.



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