Saturday, May 19, 2012

Australis Retractable Lip Brush

I purchased this lip brush what seems like years ago but was actually only a little over a month, for three dollars from Target. At the time I had no other lip brush (but was on the lookout for one) so when I saw this I really had no other alternative but to get it.

There's not all that much one can say about a lip brush, but I'll do my best to be thorough.

The bristles are lovely and soft, dense enough to apply product well but not rock hard either. The brush itself is a bit of a strange design - it can be pulled into two parts, which is great for travel as you can put a cap on the grotty brush itself, but it also means that it is not particularly sturdy. This can be problematic when applying the lip product, but it isn't that big a deal. I thought the brush would be too small to apply a decent amount of product, but I found it to be perfect.

I preferred to use the brush to outline the lips with the lipstick, and then fill in the lips without the brush. The results were still neat and precise, but didn't take as long to achieve. It was also useful for evening out the lip colour, as some lipsticks don't apply evenly.

It usually sells for $7.95, and I don't think I would purchase it. The reason I would give it a miss is not because I don't like it, but because I don't feel the need for a lip brush everyday - only do I use it for special occasions or when I'm wearing a really bright lipstick (and that doesn't, unfortunately, occur too often).

I give this brush 7 out of 10.

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