Monday, December 17, 2012

Salon Confidential R:04 Repair Ends Mender

When you have long hair it is really important to pay special attention to it and look after it. This is something I have learnt the hard way. My hair was (note the term was) so long that when I sat down it would touch the seat of the chair. Yes, it was actually that long. Despite that, the amount of love and attention that I gave it totaled at zero. All I did was wash it and brush it and then tie it up in a ponytail Boring? Absolutely. The thing was, I didn't even like how it looked and I was so sick of not being able to do anything exciting with it but I was just too attached to it and I couldn't bear the thought of cutting it.

Anyway, back to the point of the story, a couple of days ago I realised that the ends of my hair were so dried out, split and broken that the only option I had left was to chop it all off. My hair is now about 15cm shorter and whilst I'm still getting used to what feels like the equivalent of a pixie crop (but is actually still quite long hair), it is so much healthier.

I had been using this product quite erratically for months, but since cutting my hair and having a fresh start I have decided to make it a regular step in my pathetic 'hair routine.' I thought I'd let you know why I've chosen this to do the job.

First up is the packaging. For some reason I love the look of this product! It has a matte white background with glossy print, it looks expensive to me. Speaking of expenses, I picked this up because it was cheap - $9.95 in Price Attack! That, in comparison to many other products, is a total bargain.

"So what does it actually do?" you might be thinking. Well, this product instantly makes the hair feel so smooth and silky without any feelings of greasiness or sticky sensations. It smells amazing (like most hair products) and I think the smell is enough to make me use it regularly! As it states on the bottle, it 'enhances shine' which I have to agree with completely - my hair looks so much healthier and glossier after having run this through it.

Another thing that it claims to do is eliminate frizz. I use this on the mid lengths and ends of my hair and it does a good job at minimising frizz, but I will admit that isn't really a problem for me anyway.

The main purpose of this product, however, is to 'seal the ends' and help fight against split ends and breakage. If I'm honest with you, this product is pretty useless once you already have split and damaged hair. It did very little to my dry and damaged ends, but now that they are all healthy again I'm going to use this to prevent breakage because it does a pretty good job. It does emphasise on the back that it does repair hair, but I'm not convinced.

Other information that you may be interested in is that it is Australian made and owned, not tested on animals and 'is a powerful combination of healing extracts: rosemary for antioxidant action, macadamia as a natural moisturiser, pearl for lustre and shine, and ginseng root to increase hair elasticity.'

Basically, when it comes down to it, I really like this stuff but it isn't the most incredible thing I have ever come across in my life. I give it 8 out of 10.


  1. I also have super long hair, and have most of my life, and it wasn't until more recently that I also began taking care of it (funny how us ladies with super long hair just don't bother haha!)
    I might have to give this a go ;)

    1. It's so strange that we are so relaxed about hair care. Oh well, obviously it seems to work (to an extent) because we are the ones with the long locks!

  2. I have really dry ends and it drives me nuts!


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