Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser - Medium

 Before the explosion of BB creams, I always had so much trouble finding tinted moisturisers that were a suitable shade and had a semi-decent level of coverage. Whilst I appreciated that tinted moisturisers were meant to be lightweight, I still wanted some coverage, because I still get blemishes in summer!

Previously, I've tried the Formula 10.0.6 tinted moisturiser (too orange), the Hamilton Everyday Face tinted sunscreen (no coverage), the Garnier BB cream (good, but too greasy for summer) and even a Cancer Council tinted moisturiser (much too dark). Some of them have been good but there has always been one or two factors that prevented it from being perfect. Was this the perfect tinted moisturiser?

When I was given this to try out, I was really pleased to find that whilst this isn't perfect, it is pretty much what I was looking for.

First up: packaging. It's neither here nor there in terms of appealing packaging. As is with all tinted moisturisers, it comes with a flexible, squeezy tube. I like that this is quite little (50mL) because it makes it more convenient to carry around at the beach and places like that.

Unlike many of the Face of Australia products, it doesn't have an obvious smell to it, certainly not after application. Initially once having applied it, it does feel a little greasy and uncomfortable, but that feeling soon disappears as it soaks into the skin. It gives my skin a smooth finish, but in terms of coverage it is pretty light - about the same as the Garnier BB cream, perhaps even less. It has a very dewy, glowy kind of finish.

See how it has oxidised around the edges?
The main problem that I have with this is that it oxidises. A lot. After about one minute on the skin it has turned a couple of shades darker, or in the Medium shade's case, a couple of shades more orange-like. I would highly recommend testing this out before making a purchase because what may seem like the correct shade to begin with could turn several shades darker than you might like.

Because of this colour change, it really enters the hazy territory where I find it really difficult to determine if it is too dark for me to wear. I stick to the rule that I only wear this in summer and I avoid wearing any bronzer with this to avoid potential oompa loompa type disasters.

Another thing that is important to know is that you must focus on really blending this product in otherwise it applies in a lovely blotchy pattern. This is not a product where you can just slap it on with confidence,  you have to make sure you have a mirror and really take notice of how evenly applied it is.

I find that this is relatively long lasting, though the wear time certainly increases with a primer, and mainly the application of a setting powder. I do find that my concealer outlasts this product, which is quite unusual for me but there you have it.

Despite these few factors, I do quite like this tinted moisturiser and will continue to use it in the warmer months instead of my BB cream which is just too greasy in the heat. Is this the perfect tinted moisturiser? No, but it does the job and for $11.95 it's not a bad price.

I give this 7 out of 10.


  1. Most tinted moisturisers I've tried don't give me enough coverage because like you, I get blemishes in summer or anytime really.
    The Garnier BB cream for combo/oily skin has pretty good coverage :)

    1. I've heard that the BB cream for oily skin is better than the other one they made. I've been waiting for it to go on sale!

  2. I've used 2 tinted moisturisers, Dove - which was good coverage but smelt too much like sunscreen, and the Nude by Nature one, which has less coverage (which is fine for me), more expensive and the smell is questionable (I like it but it took a while to get used to).

    1. I've not checked out the Dove one, I might have to if the coverage is good, even if it does smell like sunscreen. As for the Nude by Nature one, I'm not real keen on the price when there are cheaper ones around.

  3. This tinted moisturiser sounds quite interesting. But I am a little put off by the oxidising factor. I might give this a try and see how it turns out though - thanks for the review :) x

    1. I think if you wear it for a day before purchasing it you can find the right shade for you. Glad this review was helpful :)


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