Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jamberry Nails

Whilst face makeup is what I tend to stick to when it comes to the beauty world, I do enjoy a bit of focus on the nails from time to time. I am competent with nail polish and seem to be able to do a fairly good manicure (most often in a gorgeous shade of red) but when it comes to any form of nail art, I am completely useless. When I was contacted by Jamberry Nails to see if I was interested in completing a review on a sample of their products, of course I was interested! Finally I could appear as though I was skilled in the nail department!

Look at all the designs to choose from!
This is not even half of them!
I was sent some samples which I was so pleased with, in shades of black and white, pink and turquoise all in different patterns. I was also sent a catalogue of all the available patterns - there are so many, I am surprised that many patterns exist. Even if none of the designs I was sent take your fancy, I can pretty much guarantee that there would be at least one that they offer which you like.

Before I talk about application, I guess I should really explain to you what these are exactly. These 'nail shields' are basically plastic shields that have one sticky side and one polished side. There are many different sizes so you will always be able to find one that fits each nail. They are heated up and then pressed  onto the nail, where they stick firmly. They remain like that on the nail for approximately two to three weeks on the fingers, and four to six weeks on the toes. They don't require any base coat or top coat and you can select from hundreds of different designs (literally hundreds). I was able to use each strip on two fingernails (and for my toes I was able to use one strip for four nails, but I really do have little toes!).

In terms of application, I think it is pretty straight forward. I must say that it is important that you read the instructions prior to application though as it really makes a difference (I'm talking three weeks worth of wear kind of difference!) Application involves buffing nails, cleaning with nail polish remover, heating the nail shield (with a hair dryer or heat lamp, straightener etc) and simply pressing onto the nail and applying pressure around the edges until they seal. It really isn't rocket science, though you do need to dedicate a little bit of thought and attention to it otherwise you end up with it looking pretty dodgy.

On one of my toes I was quite careless in pressing it down and heating it up, and it peeled off within three days. On my other toes I wore them without any problems for three and a half weeks before the edges began to curl.

Removing the nail shields was easier and quicker than the application - all you had to do was heat it up with a hair dryer and simply peel the shield off. I found that they came off with ease. My nails were slightly weaker than they had been, but nothing of any great concern.

There are a number of things that I really like about these:
1. They are instant - there is no waiting around for polish to dry (something I am so impatient about)
2. There is no chance of smudging or chipping!
3. They are really easy to apply
4. It doesn't take too long to apply, though it is longer than nail polish (depending on how many coats you apply with nail polish)
5. They look impressive when in fact you have put in little effort
6. They are so long lasting!
7. There is such a huge range of designs
There are a couple of things that I don't like about it though:
1. They are a little awkward in shape - the rounded edge didn't quite fit the shape of my nail (which of course is inevitable, it won't suit everyone!). This was easily fixed with a bit of trimming
2. Depending on your application skills, these can crinkle and wrinkle a little at the end of the nail. I honestly do feel as though this was my fault, as after a number of practises (on myself and other people) this was not nearly as much of a problem

So all in all, what did I think? I loved using these because they were so different to what I had tried before and there were so many good qualities about them. I must mention that unfortunately they are only being sold in the USA at the point in time, although I believe there are hopes of expanding internationally in the future. For those who are in the USA, these cost $15 for a set (which is different from the samples that I was sent). You can look at their website to see all the different designs available and perhaps purchase some for yourself.

For those based in the USA, you can also host a Jamberry Nails party too. More information can be found on their website.

Would I recommend these? Absolutely, I think these are fun and something different to try. Keep an eye out for some upcoming NOTD posts featuring other nail shield designs!


Mum went for the zebra stripes!


  1. So pretty! I love the accent nail :-)

    1. Thanks! I really liked that particular design, thought it would look good as an accent nail :)

  2. I love the designs you were sent! Your nails look fantastic :)

    1. Thank you, I agree about the designs, they were all brilliant picks!

  3. My aunt keeps preching about this things. I keep saying I'll try them one day, but maybe after seeing you talk about it I might try it a bit sooner!

  4. Ahh! the way you take pictures on your blog is soo beautful!
    You have quite a talent!
    Very nice nails, love it!!!!!


    1. Thank you, I do my best to have nice photos, it's easier now with daylight savings and the sun staying out nice and late :)
      Thanks for commenting


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