Monday, September 10, 2012

Face of Australia Mini Mousse Cream Eyeshadow - Midas Touch

This is one of those products that I really, really wanted to love but as much as I tried, there was no denying that it was in fact, a horrible product.

I was sent this cream eyeshadow to test out and when I saw it I was so excited. I had not seen these in the shops (but since receiving this I have noticed them hiding around the place) but had I seen them I expect I would have bought one to try out.

This little 'mini mousse' eyeshadow is, well, a mousse eyeshadow that applies like a cream but seems to dry and become more of a powder. The shade I have, Midas Touch, is an incredibly beautiful golden colour with slightly more white/light yellow tones to it. I think my favourite part about this is that you can use it for a highly pigmented finish or for a subtle hint of colour, and it is so easy.

This is a really strange product to apply - it squeezes out in a little line and then I rub it between the tips of two of my fingers. I then apply it with my fingers, which is awkward and difficult, and not overly accurate, but still seems to do an alright job. When I apply it I am able to concentrate the colour on my lids and on the inner corners of my eyes though it takes a lot of messing around and fiddling about.  One good thing is that if I get any product somewhere where I don't want it, I just rub it away with ease.

The eyeshadow feels a little sticky and wet upon application but soon dries to a powdery type texture. It does not last through the day, in fact by about the 1 hour-2 hour mark it is pretty much a shimmery mess over your face.

This product does crease, in fact it actually creases like crazy. I have never seen anything crease so badly in my entire life. It lasts about five minutes (not even) and then it has collected in the folds of my eyelids. I don't have wrinkly eyes (yet!) but it makes me look as though I am approximately 100 years older. It is that bad.

I never ever use eyeshadow primer, but I did with this and the results were the still the same - creasing immediately.

I really love the style of packaging and the fact that it is mini. I rarely use up products so mini packaging is good. I can say that I won't be using this product up though, because it really is not a good formula.

Despite the fact that this product really is, put simply - awful - I still want to like it so badly! It is such a beautiful colour, and hilariously unusual texture and comes in an adorable little tube with a cap. What's not to love about that?

 These are currently on sale for $2.95 (down from $7.95). I looked everywhere to find where they were being sold (apparently not at Priceline) and so far the only place I found them being sold was at Kmart. There weren't any left and the stand part of it had been dumped between the razors and hair brushes, but I guess I kind of understand why - they really are terrible.

As much as I tried to like this and want to like this, there is no hiding that it is a horrible product. If anyone has tried this and liked it please let me know because I want to be able to say that I use it regularly and that it is the best product I have ever come across. I must give it 2/10.

The eyeshadow ten minutes after application, with primer


  1. omg the creasing looks terrible in the photo! :O
    a cream eyeshadow that turns to powder? interesting...

    1. The creasing is terrible, and can you believe that was after only ten minutes, and I was wearing a primer (and I never wear primer!)

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  3. I'm sorry, I only speak English (I wish I knew another language!) but I'm pretty sure you said you gave me a blog award? :)
    If so, thankyou :)


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