Friday, September 14, 2012

Bellaboo Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask

I picked this up for $5 on sale oh so long ago (it retails for $15) but only used it about a month ago for the first time. For some reason it's childish packaging (featuring a woman winking who disturbingly just looks like a cyclops) and somewhat cringeworthy text on the back drew me in and I found it the slightest bit appealing. I mean, who doesn't want a 'clear skin smoothie' to smooth away spots 'created by chicks for chicks', after all there is 'no need to freak out when you break out!' Right, I promise there will be no more cringiness in this post.

Despite me making fun of the packaging, I really like this mask. It claims to cleanse deeply, draw out any impurities, refine and tighten pores and help the healing process. Not sure what I'm supposed to be healing, but let's go with it.

It's nice and gentle on the skin but I still feel that it really does the job well. Unlike other masks that I have tried there is absolutely no stinging or irritation whatsoever. It does have a fragrance to it which I think is neither here nor there really, though you may want to check that you like it before buying because I imagine some people may find it offputting.

I apply it thickly for ten minutes onto my clean face and then let it set. Like every other mask, I find it ridiculously uncomfortable and it takes all my willpower not to remove it instantly.

Once off, my face resembles a boiled lobster (ALL the redness goes away within about two minutes) but my gosh does my face feel smooth. It's like all the gunk has been sucked out and what is left is pure goodness. (I know, I know, I said I would leave the cringiness out!)

I don't use masks often (perhaps about once a month) but I found this one to be really effective. It did make my skin feel smooth, I'm not sure that it did anything to my blemishes but it made my skin feel pretty darn good.

I give this 7 out of 10.


  1. What type of skin do you have? I only ask because I have sensitive skin and I was wondering if this product is okay for me to try. I've been looking for face masks recently and I can't really seem to find any (maybe I'm just not looking hard enough!)

    Would you be able to recommend any face masks? I'm after the ones that can be bought at supermarkets or chemists - the more affordable range, hehe! Because I don't wanna splurge on one product and then later on find out that my skin's not compatible with it.

    I used to use this Garnier face mask maybe about 4-5 years ago but I think they discontinued as I no longer see it anywhere and that one was really good for me!
    I've seen their 3 in 1, face+wash+scrub but I'm very wary of buying that one because the only wash that's alright for my skin is Cetaphil!

    1. I don't have sensitive skin (it literally swings between oily and dry all the time which is a real pain) but I probably wouldn't recommend this one because it makes my face so red initially.

      Totally understand where you are coming from with the affordable face masks. Formula 10.0.6 have a big range of masks that are really affordable (and you can get them in sample sizes or big tubes too). I've only used the Deep down Detox mask (which I've reviewed if you're interested) but from looking at their website, I think perhaps the 'Keep your cool' mask might be good because it speaks of soothing the skin.

      Make sure that whatever you do, you always do a test patch first on your skin.

      I hope you can find what you are looking for!

    2. Oh alright, thanks for that. Damn, I already checked out their website and I thought the price is pretty good for their natural ingredients.

      Thanks for letting me know, I just read your review about the Formula 10.0.6 mask. I actually bought a sachet of that same mask 2 months ago and I was all go in trying it until I read reviews of it online. A lot of people said that it made their skin really red and irritated it so now, the sachet's just been sitting in my drawer untouched.

      It never crossed my mind that I should do a test patch of it first on my skin, haha. I'll make sure to do that!

      P.S. I love how you really do take the time to reply to people's comments.

    3. It was alright with my skin, but if you have sensitive skin I would avoid that particular mask.

      Definitely remember to do a patch test! It's so important!



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