Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garnier BB cream - Miracle skin perfector

I know I missed all the hype and that the Garnier BB cream (or miracle skin perfector) is 'so last week' but I saw it for $6.99 the other day (apparently half price) and couldn't resist the offer. The reason I hadn't bought it earlier was because I was using the Formula 10.0.6 Face of the Day Tinted moisturiser but now that it is getting cooler, it is much too dark for my skin. I haven't had much success with tinted moisturisers in the past so I tried to make an educated decision. I knew of people who adored the Garnier BB cream but was aware that one of the main problems was the limited shade range. I tested it out in the shop (by the way, it was actually Coles where I purchased it, and they are currently selling Maybelline mascaras for $10! Who would have thought you could save $9 on mascara by purchasing it at the supermarket!) and it matched perfectly in the shade 'light.'

I was so eager to try it on so when I got home I tested it out. My first impression was that it was a lot greasier than I had anticipated. It does soak into the skin a little as time goes on, but I personally don't feel that it ever settles properly. Even at the end of the day I feel as though it is still a bit greasy and is sitting on the skin rather than blending into it.

Another thing I immediately noticed was that it was so small! It is only 50mL of product (which I think retails for $15 - a bit expensive if you ask me) however a little bit goes a long way. It is a really sheer coverage. It doesn't cover blemishes but does even out redness slightly. It isn't buildable in my opinion either. I find that by adding more on, it just got greasier and made me look a little orange, but didn't actually increase the coverage. I would not suggest you buy it if you are looking for good coverage, because this really doesn't offer much in terms of coverage.

I was surprised at how oily it felt. My skin is slightly oily along the T-zone, but my skincare occasionally makes my skin a little flaky. I never have any real trouble with an oily face at the end of the day, except with this product. I found that after a day of wearing this BB cream I had something that resembled an oil slick across my forehead. Not pretty. This was easily fixed with a powder, but I was a bit disappointed.

The scent is also another factor I must mention. I was surprised at the floral/citrus kind of smell. It's not amazingly strong but it does linger on the skin. It is barely noticeable though, one would only notice if they intentionally went to smell your face...and who does that? It also has an SPF of 15, which isn't much but it is better than nothing!

I wouldn't buy this at full price because it's pretty expensive for a super sheer cream that makes me feel greasy. If it was half price and I had run out...maybe I would buy it. Maybe.

Who would I recommend it for? Someone with dry skin who wants a tiny bit of coverage. It would also be ideal for someone young with perfect skin who likes makeup but isn't interested in a full coverage foundation everyday.

I can't see the problem with the before shot...
Can you?
The last thing I would like to mention are the big claims plastered all over the box. I have always thought that BB cream is just a fancy pants name for a tinted moisturiser. I know others would argue with me because BB creams (apparently) do all these magical things that tinted moisturisers can't, such as:
- Reduces sun spots and imperfections
- Corrects signs of fatigue and dullness
- Has 24 hour lasting moisture
- Smoothes and makes luminous the complexion of the skin
- Reduces redness
- Gives a healthy glow
- Is "a miracle on your skin!'
(all taken from the box it came in)

Rarely do I take any notice of these types of claims, but for some reason I had a big problem this time. Maybe because it claims to be a miracle - and it really isn't. If it really did all that, I think everyone would own this 'magic' cream. Anyway, in this case you can't believe everything written on the box! I will give it this though - it reduces redness and smoothes skin (or appears to make the skin look smoother) As for long term improvements, I don't see any.

I give this BB cream 6 out of 10.

L-R: Unblended, blended


  1. I'll definitely stay away from this one then, I can't stand the greasy feeling! I've nominated you for an award btw :) xx

  2. Thanks, yes, it's not my favourite product I must say.

  3. Seems like you bought it at a good price! I tried this in Priceline and didn't love it. The scent actually really put me off. I'm not sure it would be enough coverage for me, I agree it would suit people with perfect skin who don't like wearing makeup or those who want a really light coverage. I'll stick with a thin layer of foundation in the mornings, or Asian bb creams :)

  4. I can see why other people would be put off by the scent. I think it would be worth sticking with your foundation, this certainly isn't the best.


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