Sunday, April 8, 2012

Essence Eye Souffle - Pas Des Copper

I have been wearing this eyeshadow everyday for about a week, and I have to say - I think I'm in love! To make it even better, not only am I in love but my mother and a couple of my friends are too! Yes, this is just that good.

As mentioned in my Maybelline Dream Eyeshadow review, I was always quite hesitant about cream eyeshadows and whether it was worth it or not. Was it just going to crease, was it going to slide off my eyes within the first hour or so, was it going to work with my other eyeshadows...oh the worries I had! I can safely say that I have made a decision - I like cream eyeshadows more than I like powder eyeshadows. Yes, it's true. I have converted, and it is all thanks to this product.

Yes, there are more powder eyeshadows than cream and there is a larger range of colours. Yes, powder eyeshadows are more convenient to apply and carry around. Yes, you can have palettes of powder eyeshadows. Despite this, I still like cream eyeshadows more, well, at least this one anyway.

This cream eyeshadow, or eye souffle, in the shade Pas Des Copper, comes from the German brand Essence which is brand spanking new to Australia. After seeing praise over various beauty blogs and youtube videos I decided that I could probably be part of the action and test a couple of things out too. Because Essence cosmetics are only sold at Target it took me a while to get motivated to make a special trip out there. When I finally ended up standing there looking at all the products, I had absolutely no idea what to get. I had read a little review or two on the 'Ballerina Backstage' range of products, in particular the eye souffles. I could only see two shades so I picked up the Copper one and hoped I was going along the right track.

It was only when I got home that I realised how gorgeous the colour actually was. When I posted my haul I mentioned how it was similar to the Maybelline Dream Eyeshadow, but I have since realised that whilst it is similar, it is actually much better (I know, who would have thought it could get any better!) The colour is richer and more pigmented, more shimmery and has more of a 'wow factor.'

It sticks to my eyelids like glue. I can wear it for 12-14 hours and when I go to take it off about 80% of it is still there, which is much better than most of my other eyeshadows. It doesn't crease, it doesn't feel sticky, and my favourite part is that it is so easy to apply. Just one swipe across the lid using my finger is enough. I feel comfortable wearing it just by itself, but it also works well with crease colours and highlight eyeshadows too. I can combine it with powder shadows with no problems.

The texture is just perfect, and I can't get over how pigmented the shadow is! It's incredible! The only problem that I have is that there are so few eyeshadows in the range (there are only three) and the other two are matte, in black and white.

I am a fan of the packaging, although it is difficult to see the colour without opening the lid which can be problematic when you are in a rush in the morning and are trying to find a particular shade. Nevertheless, I do like the packaging of this product.

After reading this (hopefully) you will be thinking to yourself "Wow, this sounds like the best product in the world, I must run out and buy it! I will pay for it no matter how much it costs, even if it empties my bank account!" Well I have news for you - this eyeshadow cost me....$4.50. That's approximately the cost of a coffee these days!

 My mother and a couple of friends noticed me wearing it and went out and bought it for themselves! Just goes to show that it must be pretty good!

I do recommend you investigate this eyeshadow, which I rate as 10/10, for the price and the quality is incredible. Even if you hate it, or you find that you are unlucky and for some reason it doesn't stick on your eyelids or the shimmer is too much for you, it won't be a huge loss of money.

The swatch on the right (obviously!)


  1. wow............. so nice shade :)

  2. Hey, this sounds like MAC Paintpots, only at a fraction of the price! Any clue how it fares as eyeshadow base as well?

  3. the colour is lovely! I was impressed with the Maybeline 24hr tattoo shadows, now I want to try this too!

    great review :)


  4. looks so pretty! I found cream eyeshadows a little weird at first but I quite like them xx

  5. Ani - Yep, 'Wow' pretty much sums it up!

    Nivedita - I have only heard wonderful things about the Mac Paintpots, so hopefully it is just like them! Sorry, I haven't tried it as a base (I just love the colour by itself!), you might have to look at some other reviews. Sorry.

    Claudia - Well since they are so cheap, I would definitely suggest picking one up. Even if you hate them and can't stand them, in terms of money it's not too much of a loss.

    Char - I also found them to be a little odd at first, but have grown to love them!


  6. I own a lot of essence products but I haven't noticed this one before :S I'm def going to get it.What I love most about essence is that it is a cruelty free brand , very cheap and it has a good quality..something that I wouldn't expect if the product was this cheap :)

  7. It's so worth getting, and if you already like Essence it is pretty likely you will be a fan of this product too. It's great that it is so cheap, quality and cruelty free.


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