Saturday, December 10, 2011

DB 48 colour Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, I haven't posted for a couple of days. You see, I unexpectedly ended up in hospital for a little bit, but everything is okay now and I'm hoping that the recovery will be pretty quick. Let's get into the interesting part - the review!

I was lucky enough to get this eyeshadow palette in a magazine (a magazine that I got for free - wooo!). Anyway, there are (apparently) two types of palettes- shimmer or matte. I happened to get the shimmer one, which is what I was hoping for.

There are 48 different colours in this palette, and the range is pretty good. It's not amazing, but it could be worse. I like how almost half the palette is neutral/natural shades of brown, cream, white and gold because those are the colours I feel most comfortable wearing. There is also a big range of black which I love too. Some of the colours are very similar to one another, which is annoying because I feel as though they could have been replaced with other colours that are lacking (like blue). Still, I consider it to be pretty good for a freebie!

The packaging is a sturdy case with a mirror. I love it, except that the shiny black plastic shows up finger prints and therefore always, always looks grotty!

The pigmentation of each of the shades varies greatly. Some are incredibly pigmented, yet others aren't pigmented AT ALL. Some of them slide easily onto the eyelid, others it seems as though you need to rub and rub and rub until anything goes on. It's a bit frustrating, especially when your favourite colour is grainy and dry and then your most hated colour has the perfect texture!

The applicators that come with it are pretty useless, but at a push could be used if need be.

I'm not sure how much they cost individually (without the magazine) but if it was reasonably cheap I would probably purchase it. The colours aren't amazingly long lasting but they are pretty good. I have had a little bit of a problem with creasing, but I haven't tried it with a primer so it might be better.

I am able to create many looks with this, and it is so much better than the eyeshadow I had before - only four colours, all so similar! (Maybelline Eyeshadow palette). I'm really looking forward to creating some interesting looks!

I give this eyeshadow palette 7 out of 10. The reason for this is because the quality and texture of the shadow is so inconsistent between every colour!


  1. hey! What happened to you? Wish you a quick recovery dear.
    Btw, where are these palettes available?

  2. I have this palette! I was swatching these and you could totally tell which ones, because they totally lost shape.. I don't have much colour shadows so it's a good backup palette to have

  3. Nivedita - I fell and hit my head, and a whole series of other things happened because of my blow to the head...I feel so much better already but I'm still a bit dizzy and nauseous. Thankyou for your kind words! I had so much trouble hunting these palettes down, but I did see them in the local Chemist (it was an independent chemist, run by a family). According to the DB Cosmetics website, Birks Chemists and Chemplus chemists have it!

    Gianna - It is good for the colours you rarely wear but like to try every now and again! So cheap too!

  4. Oh lord, I didn't know you were so badly injured! You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon :)


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