Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo - Party Nights

This dry shampoo is terrible. Why? Because it encourages even more laziness in my beauty routine. Yep, this dry shampoo can squeeze another day out of my already filthy hair in the spray of a can. Another reason why it's terrible? Because it costs only $2 (last time I checked they were on sale at Target for $1.40) so I always have a spare can handy.

I going to say now that this review is probably not going to be as accurate as it could, simply because this is the first dry shampoo I have ever tried. I never felt compelled to purchase a Batiste one because I didn't want to pay such money to fix a problem that could be resolved by simply washing my hair. However, when you walk past these shiny cans of goodness in Target, you really don't have an option to resist.

My hair has natural tendencies to get really oily in the scalp and terribly dry at the ends, I guess that comes with having long hair. I wash it every second day, but since this product has come into my life it stretches to two days between washes way more often than it should.

Prior to trying this, my knowledge of dry shampoo was minimal. I knew that some made your hair go white, I knew that some were greasy and that some contained properties that could only be described as magical. I didn't realise how much I needed this product either!

This dry shampoo is very effective and does its job well. I don't really know how well because I have nothing to compare it to, but let's just go with well. It doesn't leave any white residue, it doesn't make my hair go crunchy and it doesn't look strange. I will admit, it isn't as good as if I just washed it and the greasiness of my hair is still questionable, but significantly better than without the dry shampoo.

I love the smell of this spray (it was my favourite out of the three different ones) and it's rather tempting to use it even when I don't have to, simply so I can make my hair smell nice.

I hate the packaging, but even more I hate the brand name. I don't know much about marketing and advertising, but I can guarantee more people would give this seemingly dodgy brand a chance if they just had a half decent name. Girlz only? Honestly? You could have at least spelt it correctly.
I do like this product, but as I said - sometimes it's worth to stop being lazy and just wash your hair. I would suggest you take this and guard it with your life when going on holidays, because it is then that you really appreciate the hair wash in a can.

I give this product 7 out of 10.


  1. I bought it today as a gift pack and it came with a cup for $2.80

  2. I Just bought this today and hope it works lol :) Nice review!


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