Sunday, November 10, 2013

Q&A - Blogging

Here is the next installment of questions and answers from when I had my giveaway and you lovely people submitted your questions for me!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I was going through a really tough time back when I started my blog and I needed a way to shut off from the world and just focus on something else. I had been reading blogs for ages and wanted to write book reviews but didn't feel confident that I could read enough books to justify having a blog in addition to actually writing reviews! The only other kind of blog I was aware of was beauty blogs, so I gave that a shot. Best decision ever!

2. Which camera do you use?
I actually have no fancy camera whatsoever, and I know nothing about photography. I don't even know what the name of my camera I took a picture of it for you all. It's really nothing special, I promise, but I think it takes satisfactory photographs for my blog.

3. What do you do when you don't feel in the mood to write a review?
Excellent question! This has been happening to me sooo much lately...I've just been lacking in both inspiration and motivation. When I feel like this, I do my best to do something whether it be as simple as writing the title into one of my posts, taking a photo of something, uploading a photo into my post or finding out the RRP for a product I picked up on sale. Sometimes doing these tiny little steps prompts me to do a bit more and suddenly I find myself churning out an entire review. Other times that seems like so much effort that I can barely even do is these times that I just forget about it and do something else because there is no point trying to write a post when your heart isn't in it - your readers can tell.

4. Do you get given a lot of samples?
Sometimes! When I started blogging I was so little and inexperienced that I didn't even know bloggers sometimes received samples to review! The first time I was approached I nearly had a heart attack and died. But honestly, I have been very blessed to try out some cool comes in waves. Sometimes you get lots of PR requests and then you can go for months where it's all quiet on that front. That's not what blogging is about, it's about enjoying yourself and connecting with people. Samples are just an amazingly cool bonus that you may or may not get.

5. How do you find inspiration for writing on your blog?
Well my blog is mainly filled with reviews, so I don't really need to come up with creative posts. However, sometimes I think it gets a bit tiring just having one review after another so I do attempt to think of new and interesting post ideas. I get inspired by other blogs, youtube videos, things that happen around me. I kind of treat my blog like a friend that I want to tell stories to - which is what happened with my travel series. I wanted to share the amazing experience I had with my friends! I was inspired to make the Behind the Blog series after reading some cool facts about another blogger and realising that often you don't know much about the person whose blog you love!

6. Can you make a post about dupes/product comparisons?
I would love to...if I had dupes to talk about! Whilst my makeup collection is quite extensive, I don't feel as though it is at that stage where I have millions of repeats. If I come across some I will be sure to post about it!

7. Can you do a review on products for acne problems?
I am lucky not to have acne so I actually don't have a clue about skincare for acne prone skin. I can't help you out there, but I bet my house that there are some amazing reviews on other people's blogs that you could check out.

I love answering your questions...the next Q&A post will be those questions you asked that are about my life.


  1. You're so lucky you don't have much acne. I always have at least one pimple and when it goes, it leaves a scar definitely. Ugh!

    Loved reading your answers Candice :) I often find myself having a writers block, and no inspiration on what to blog about!

    1. I am really lucky with my skin. Sometimes I find that old blemishes leave scars, but that is only because I pick at them and don't leave them alone! Oh, writers block is the worst!

  2. Haha I think you should throw in a random book review here or there and play that out, see how it goes! Love getting to know you better, Candice :)


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