Saturday, November 16, 2013

MUA Sheer Finish lipglosses - Just in case & Too much fun

Lipglosses aren't really my thing. I think I've only ever come across one gloss that I actually really enjoy using (naturally one that is discontinued)...the rest are just a pain to use.

I was however, really excited to try these out when I won them in Dawn's giveaway from over at See it, Swatch it, Love it (at the beginning of this year...yes I am a little late with this review!) MUA is a brand I don't think you can access easily here in Australia and so it was an exciting opportunity to see what all the raving was about! I had also tried their High Intensity Gloss and thought it was absolutely brilliant, so I had high hopes.

First up, let me tell you about the's incredible. Think dentist-appointment-inducing sugar scent mixed with an extra shot of red frogs and lollipops. So okay, that may not be for everyone but it sure beats a scent-less product.

The packaging is fairly stock standard for a squeezy tube lipgloss, although it does leak a little. It has a slanted applicator that allows for easier use. I'm not a huge fan of these types of glosses, I much prefer those with a wand and doe foot applicator. Nevertheless, as for style and packaging of these, it's fairly similar to every other gloss out there.

Next comes the gloss. Well, it's everything a gloss is renowned for and meant to be...juicy, supremely shiny, sticks to your hair and glues your lips together. Which is exactly why these glosses and I aren't really friends.

These glosses, as the name suggests, are quite sheer. You can tell that there is slight colour, however on the lips (despite that one is pink and one is red) they look very much the same. They are glitter and shimmer free and have quite a thick consistency.

I don't like these because I just don't like glosses in general. However, if you do get along with the good old gloss then I am sure that you will like this just fine.

I give this 6 out of 10.


  1. I'm not a big fan of glosses in squeezy tubes either. They're usually sticky and just remind me of cheap glosses little children have. Aha the sickly sweet scent of these don't sound too appealing to me xD
    The colours are nice though!

    1. I am inclined to agree about your point that they look like the ones little girls carry around. Haha, the scent certainly isn't for everyone :)

  2. Yeah..I'm iffy about glosses! I use to never where them, but I've been trying to get over that..
    I mean they're pretty looking, but I would probably pass! I live in the US, so it's not like I could purchase one anyway! haha

    1. Some people can pull them off but when I try it usually just ends up in one big sticky mess!


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