Friday, September 6, 2013

Face of Australia Impact-Curl Extreme Volume and Curl Mascara

Face of Australia is without a doubt one of my favourite brands (if not my number one!). I have written so many positive reviews on their products and I would use at least one of their products on my face every day. It is for that reason that it pains me to write a negative review on one of their products, but this mascara is probably the most awful mascara I have ever swiped across my lashes and never again will I use this hell-in-a-tube.

Let's start with the packaging. I do quite like this metallic purple tube featuring white writing and a classy silver top. It features a rubber wand (my favourite) and the mascara itself is a super strong, deep, glossy black. So far so good.

I curled my lashes and began applying this and soon discovered that this mascara was incredibly wet. I am a little biased because I do much prefer quite dry formulas however this was beyond ridiculous to the point where it was simply unusable. As I ran the wand through my lashes I found that enormous clumps of wet mascara just stuck to them, and it clumped all my eyelashes together in several 'sticks.' It was absolutely hideous. I used an old mascara wand to attempt to comb through my lashes to separate them a little and get rid of the huge mascara globs but it simply stuck together and pulled on my lashes. Apparently the formula was as sticky as honey too!

Imagine this mascara as a thick black tar, perhaps one that might be used to make a road. Yep, it is honestly that bad. I tried to take pictures to show you how bad it was but it really doesn't look nearly as nasty as I found it to be...see for yourself.

For an 'extreme volume and curl' this is just diabolical and results in a couple of gloopy sticks poking out from my eyes. It feels awfully uncomfortable to wear, looks stupid and once dried leaves me genuinely concerned that they are going to snap off any second for they are so rigid and dry.

Because I simply love Face of Australia so much, I decided that surely it was me who must have been doing something wrong. I attempted to do a second coat. Biggest mistake ever. Running the wand through my lashes for the second time was like grabbing hold of my lashes and attempting to tear them out clean. The end result was watery eyes and balls of mascara randomly dispersed throughout blackened sticks coming from every angle. Beautiful! Clearly it wasn't suitable for layering.

So is there anything about this mascara that could be considered likable? It is the deepest black I have come across yet, and different to my usual mascaras has a glossy finish which I quite enjoy. I love the rubber wand - it's also quite a nice shape too - and with a good formula could work remarkably well. Apart from that, I suggest you avoid this like the plague because this is without a doubt the worst product I have used this year. Don't waste your $11.95.

Although...having said that I do know other bloggers who have really enjoyed this. If you are one of them, tell me your secrets because I would love to be able to make this work!

I (very sadly) have to give this 1 out of 10.

What a mess!

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  1. It seems to lengthen your lashes well though, sorry you didn't like it!!! Xo

    Hug, Kiss, Makeup!

    1. It's such a shame...I wanted to like it so much haha

  2. Yikes it didn't seem to volumize your lashes and it just made them look sparse! Shame!


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