Friday, April 26, 2013

Behind the Blog - Behind the Frames

This week's Behind the Blog blogger is Sheri from Behind the Frames (yes, I may have accidentally ripped off her blog name for my blogging series!). I found Sheri on youtube and then discovered her blog, and what a good discovery it was! 

On Behind the Frames you can find reviews, giveaways, empties posts, monthly favourites, hauls and TAGs - basically the perfect mix of everything.

I asked her a couple of questions and she spoke about blogging, knitting and the USA. 

What is the significance of your blog name?
When most people look at me, they think that I’m a serious student and would never ever think that I’m interested (more like obsessed) with cosmetics and skincare. This also has to do with my image, as I wear glasses, so I decided to call my blog “Behind The Frames” because most people don’t know the other side of me!

Why do you enjoy blogging?
I aspire to become a journalist one day and blogging is a form of practice for me, to develop my writing skills and I also love expressing my ideas. I also love taking photos for my blog and the people I’ve met in the blogging community are just so lovely and supportive, making blogging an even more enjoyable experience for me.

Which type of makeup product do you tend to find yourself collecting the most?
Definitely lip products, especially lipsticks. There are just endless shades of pink and red and so many different colours that I feel like I just have to collect a rainbow of lip products!  But this leads to a problem of mine… which is that I end up buying a lip product which I already have a similar shade to!

Any special talents?
I love to knit! I started learning 2 years ago and I’ve knitted many scarves over the years, which I’ve gifted to my friends and relatives.  Sadly though, I haven’t learnt to knit anything else.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Definitely Korea or the USA. Why? To stock up on Asian cosmetics, buy out all the American drugstores and get some cute clothing items (for really affordable prices of course)!  

What is one beauty related thing you just cannot master?
Contouring. I cannot, for my life, use bronzer and achieve that lovely sculpted face with prominent cheekbones and a sun-kissed glow. I just end up looking unnatural and like I got tanned in the wrong places. I think the main issue is that I have too much fat on my cheeks which makes it an impossible task to bring out my “cheekbones” haha.

Thank you Sheri for being part of YouReview's 'Behind the blog' series!

If you would like to nominate a blogger to be featured, please don't hesitate to let me know by emailing me at


  1. Aw Sheri is so sweet, she's one of my favourite Aussie bloggers! Loved reading a bit more about her :)

  2. I thought I was following Sheri but I wasn't :o loved her answers :)

  3. Haha this caught me by surprise because I thought I was being featured next week xD

    The title sounds awesome lol "Behind the Blog - Behind The Frames".
    I didn't know you found my youtube first! :O

    Thanks so much Candice for letting me be apart of this awesome series! <3

    1. Sorry about that Sheri! The person who was scheduled for this week had so many things going on and wasn't able to get the answer to me - because you were so speedy it worked out that you could be this week!
      Haha, I really didn't mean to steal your blog title!
      Not a problem, thanks for supporting my series.


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