Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arbonne Eyeshadow - Smoke

Crazy story. I had been seeing posts everywhere about the brand Arbonne and how impressive it was. The products looked gorgeous and they sucked me in. The only problem was that I am saving up and resisting all cosmetic related temptation, in addition to the fact that purchasing things online scares me (I know, I must be one in a million).  

Next thing I know there is an email in my inbox from the lovely ladies from Arbonne and a package in my letterbox. I love it when things like that happen.

The Arbonne eyeshadow in smoke is a compact single shadow with a metallic sheen. It is packaged in a classy looking, sturdy little case that is nail polish safe (no chance of chipping your nail polish when attempting to open pesky latches). I love the design, the Arbonne logo and especially the latch. Perfect.

The shadow, though appears to be quite cool toned and grey, is a lovely wearable mid toned brown that has a gorgeous shimmery finish. It is highly pigmented and a light swatch (as photographed) gives off excellent colour payoff. I have no trouble at all applying it - unlike other eyeshadows I am able to apply it to the eye with the same pigmentation that I can achieve with a swatch, a highly impressive trait.

The texture is lovely and silky, not at all chalky or crumbly. When applying it I have minimal to no fallout which is excellent, considering it is quite a dark shadow and would be very noticeable if it did.

I rarely wear eyeshadow primer as I don't often have trouble with eyeshadows creasing, however it was essential that I did for this particular shadow. I used the tiniest little bit of Urban Decay's primer potion and managed to extend the lasting power (without any creasing) for the entire day. I hadn't expected primer to make such a significant difference but it really did. 

Having said that, at the very end of the day when I did go to take it all off, there was slight creasing though nothing that would concern me all that much.

The shade range consists of twenty different colours ranging from purples and blues to blacks and browns. All of them are single eyeshadows (no quads or palettes) and cost $26 (more expensive than shadows you can pick up at Priceline but the same price as MAC shadows). 

As for the other details you may be interested in:

"Arbonne’s Eye Shadows suit all skin types and are infused with anti-caking agents such as Zinc Stearate, which will ensure that the colour remains smooth and even. Each powder shadow is infused with Vitamins A, C and E as well as Polypeptides which help to maintain the skins moisture and support the skin’s natural structure."

Basically I am a huge fan and the cool toned addition to my ever growing collection of neutral eyeshadows has been a welcome change, one that I will continue to incorporate into my eye makeup. It is a beautiful shade, beautiful quality although not the most beautiful price. Still, $26 isn't 'oh my god' worthy, I am just a bit stingy!

If you are interested in the Arbonne shadows (or any of their products for that matter) you can either check out their facebook page or go on to their website where you can also purchase their products.

I give this 8/10. 

Have you tried any Arbonne products?


  1. That colour's gorgeous, right up my alley! :) I love cool-toned browns and taupes.

  2. I've never herd of this brand before and the quality looks really good. They dont have this in Australia do they?

    1. The quality is brilliant. Unfortunately the only way to get Arbonne cosmetics is online :(


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