Friday, November 9, 2012

Face of Australia Lip Quench - Pure Plum

Most Australian beauty bloggers are familiar with or have at least heard of the Face of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush. The popular nude lipstick was all the rage there for a little while, and I myself purchased it and wore it on a regular basis.

I was sent a different lipstick from the range, this time in Pure Plum but as soon as I saw it I knew it wasn't going to suit me. I decided I would give it the best chance I could, but no amount of fiddling around with it could change my mind.

I think this lipstick could accurately be described as a wannabe plum red that needs to come to terms with the fact that it is actually a purple based brown. Yes, that does translate to a not overly nice colour. I personally found that it left me looking like a 100 year old corpse. Not the greatest of looks if you ask me.

Whilst it can be agreed that it isn't a flattering colour, there is no denying that the formula is just lovely, giving a glossy, juicy looking finish. It is highly pigmented and lasts for a respectable amount of time, leaving a stain behind once it has worn off. It feels nice on the lips, although slightly drying at times, and has that traditional 'lipstick smell.'

If I was to wear it seriously, I would be very conscious of it spreading across my face because it is so dark and obvious. Even just photographing it was challenging because I felt like it was smudging everywhere. Of course, if I had taken more care with my application, using a lip liner and blotting several layers, then it would have been less messy, but this is just one of those kinds of shades.

The packaging is just awesome, I really cannot find fault with it. The matte black and classy white print is just so perfect, as is the silver band and bullet. I also love the clear top which allows you to see the lipstick shade without having to open it. I cannot fault the packaging at all.

I really like the formula, packaging and of course price ($9.45) of this lipstick, but just cannot get along with the shade. Perhaps for a scary costume this might come in handy, but this dark purple is just so unflattering.

I did manage to mix it with a light pink lipstick of mine to make a semi-respectable purple type shade, but even then I really wasn't keen on it.

I would purchase more of these lipsticks from the range, but I would definitely give this shade a miss.

L-R: Light application (dabbing), general swatch

What it looks like on the lips
Mixing lipsticks together to create an acceptable shade



  1. This doesn't look too bad! It just isn't a colour you would wear very often :P The metallic finish on your lips is pretty cool!

    1. Yeah, I think the fact that I am not at all used to it might make it harder for me to get on with.

  2. I think I would like to wear this kind of colour in the winter :D It's a shame you didn't get on with it.

    1. Well it's worth checking out if you are interested and like the shade, especially as the range is so cheap! :)

  3. The shade looks gorgeous and flattering for all skin types. You come up with products I keep lusting for. :P

    Hey, I was your first follower and now there are 250!!

    1. I'm glad you like the shade, I really struggled to make it work!

      I know, I was thinking about that the other day - you were the person who suggested that I put photos on my blog haha! Lucky you did, my blog would have been shocking had I not put photos on there! Thanks for that tip! :)

      Thanks for sticking with me all this time!


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