Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clean and clear value pack

The old...
I have been using Clean and Clear for my skincare for a very long time. I find that the products really suit my skin and are very affective, and the best part is that it is so cheap, leaving money for more interesting things like makeup! I was running out of my foaming cleanser and moisturiser and I saw that this value pack was on special for only eight dollars. I picked it up without thought and am now waiting for when I actually run out of my other products.

I have already done a review on the moisturiser so I won't spend much time on that, but I will say that it is really good and feels lovely on the skin.

The cleanser is my favourite of the three products and I would have spent eight bucks just on that. I love the pump bottle especially, because in the past I have had other types and they have not been nearly as convenient. The fact that it is a foam cleanser really suits me, I love the foamy feel. It is so gentle on the skin, doesn't sting or irritate whatsoever. Sometimes I feel as though it is a little drying, but if you apply the moisturiser afterwards there is absolutely no problem.
...and the new!

I have heard of people having real problems with stinging and irritation. I personally cannot really understand this as I consider it to be the mildest cleanser I have ever used.

Of course, I still get pimples and breakouts every now and again but I feel as though they would be a lot more frequent if I didn't use this. In regards to blackheads I don't think this would be very effective, so I use a blackhead clearing scrub about twice a week with this cleanser. I also use a mask every now and again, and even though the mask and scrub is a different brand to this cleanser, it still works wonderfully well.

I really like this cleanser and I give it 9 out of 10.

As for the's not all that great. I never feel as though I require a toner, I just don't think it is necessary. I found that this one did sting, only a little bit though, but still enough to notice. As you can see in the photos, the toner I bought the first time did not get used up, so I won't be opening the second one.

There are slight differences between the new and old packaging, but nothing all that drastic.

I really like the skincare brand Clean and Clear and will continue to use them.

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