Saturday, March 17, 2012

Australis Creme Blush - Dusky Rose

First of all I have to say, this was the most difficult product I have ever had to photograph. The colour just would not show up accurately. Even worse than that is when I was outside trying to get a nice picture, I dropped it into the dirt and it dented it and got dirt everywhere. I have managed to clean it all up but it has a couple of unsightly dents in it. Argh! Anyway, after about twenty minutes of messing around I managed to capture a few shots that I think will be of some use!

 Right, enough rambling, onto the review. I really cannot tell you why I wanted this product. I struggled to find a huge amount of information on it online and I always research products before buying to ensure I'm not wasting my money, so it was a brave thing for me to go and buy this with no real knowledge of the quality!

When I first used it I wasn't impressed. It was a dry, solid consistency and I found it really difficult to get the product onto my skin. I had expected it to be really creamy and soft in consistency and it really wasn't! I soon realised that it just needed a bit of warming up and then it was as pigmented as could be. It still has a very solid consistency but it rubs off as beautiful rich colour.

I use my fingers to apply this as a blush, but I find it quite difficult to blend evenly. I really have to concentrate spreading it evenly across my cheeks or else I end up with a horrible, uneven, blotchy mess. It is definitely a product that should not be used when you are in a hurry as it has the potential to turn you into a clown. It is very easy to overdo it! I was afraid it might be a little sticky, but on the cheeks it dries so nicely that you can't feel it. The only problem with this is that on the lips it can be a little drying.

Despite all this, I really do love using it as a blush because it really looks so different to a powder blush. It looks more natural as it applies as more of a stain on the skin rather than a powder that sits on top. Even though it requires a little more effort and concentration, it really is worth it because the natural, glowing effect is incredible.

As for the colour, gosh it's gorgeous! I was hesitant to pick it up because it is so loud and bright but the other two colours were not to my taste. I have grown to really love this shade. I also really like how there is no shimmer in it whatsoever. I must say though, one review I managed to find online did report shimmer but mine has none at all, none whatsoever.

I also love it as a lip colour. Unlike lipstick which can often look like, well, lipstick, this looks more natural and once again applies as a stain. It stays on for a remarkably long time and wears off really nicely. It is such a gorgeous, pigmented, rich colour that looks just beautiful. It lasts for so long, because it applys and behaves like a stain (behaves? Not the right word, but you get what I mean). I think I do prefer to wear it as a lip colour, but it is also gorgeous as a blush.

I bought this for seven dollars but it is usually around ten. I give this product 8 out of 10, because even though the colour is lovely it is difficult to apply. It is cheap so I am glad I bought it, and I will definitely be picking it up again.

This is exactly what the colour is like

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