Thursday, April 9, 2015

OOTD - Boots & A Trench

It is with great sorrow that I come to acknowledge that the cooler weather is upon us and Winter is lurking just around the corner. I am a summer girl through and through so this realisation seriously is heartbreaking, so to ease the pain a little I thought I'd post an OOTD in an outfit that makes me feel like I've stepped out of a commercial. By the way, you have to find your commercial-esque outfit - you know, the one that makes you feel absolutely freaking gorgeous - because it will change your life.

Perhaps the only good thing about the cooler weather is the fashion that it brings...I for one am a huge fan of scarves, boots and coats. A good trench coat is, in my opinion, an absolute staple in everyone's wardrobe and paired with some heeled boots you're set to go. 

Unfortunately for you guys, this entire outfit (excluding only my earrings) is from the Op-shop (what can I say, 90% of my wardrobe is) but it's the staples themselves that you want to invest in, not the exact pieces.

A gorgeous coat is something that everyone needs in their wardrobe and I am in love with this one I got from a dodgy little Op-shop that I rarely visit. I seriously had to search through so much junk to come across this gem as well as doing a little bit of repair with the buttons, but for $9 this was such a good investment. 

The boots are another one of my winter favourites. These are just simple, black, lace-up boots with a little heel. They're really quite comfortable all things considered although one downfall is they've quickly become scratched and scuffed. Luckily, because they're black it's not too obvious.

We then have everyone's staple all year round, the comfy jeans. These probably aren't my most comfortable jeans but I like the dark blue denim so they'll do the job.

Add a black and white shirt, some silver jewellery and you have a complete outfit that (hopefully) makes you feel a million bucks!

Original sources of the clothing pieces:
Jacket: Regatta (Myer)
Shirt: Sportsgirl
Jeans: Cotton On
Boots: Target
Earrings: Lovisa
Necklace: Unknown
Watch: Unknown


  1. I need to buy some new boots for this season. I've worn my previous ones so much that the sole is destroyed haha.

    1. You definitely do, but I guess it just shows that you loved those boots! x


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