Sunday, January 25, 2015

NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna

NARS is one of those brands that for a Priceline kind of girl, is wayyy out of reach. Though all of their products appear to be absolutely stunning and are raved about by anyone who has been lucky enough to get their hands on them, they kind of cost a small fortune compared to your brands like Revlon and Maybelline. I was super lucky to win this Laguna and Orgasm duo (yep, they also have some pretty risque names!) and I have been loving it ever since.

Starting off with the packaging, although I love the simplicity and classiness of the matte black packaging and white print, it looks absolutely filthy in no time. I tried so very hard to keep mine looking fresh but in no time at all it had foundation fingerprints and blush all over it. The photos are quite deceiving because this is actually a mini version of the duo, so much so that I can just fit my brush into the pan.

Let's start with the blush first: It's easy to become all caught up in the hype when the whole world is raving about something, which is why I start to get very doubtful about a product and whether it really is that good. Well, in this case I am happy to join all the fans out there because NARS Orgasm has catapulted itself into my new favourite blush. It is a gorgeous mid toned, rich pink shade with a sheen of gold that just makes you glow. You know that mermaid blue shade with the gold sheen? Well this is simply a pink version of that. It is absolutely freaking stunning. I still can't quite understand why I love this so much because I've actually never been a fan of shimmery blushes, but this is just gorgeous.

And then we have Laguna. You didn't think anything could get better after NARS Orgasm, right? Well apparently it can. Laguna was the bronzer that taught me that it wasn't my useless skill in application that made me hate bronzer, but the fact that I'd simply not found the right one yet. This bronzer isn't too orange toned and doesn't at all look dirty or muddy on my face. My face has been perfectly contoured since this incredible product came into my life, and I have been enjoying life as a bronzed babe who looks like she's just come back from a summer holiday. I love this stuff!

It's a big call, but I think this has to be a holy grail product for me because I've been completely bowled over with how incredible it is. I have worn both the blush and bronzer non stop since getting it and I can't see that changing at all. One thing specifically that I was really impressed with is that at the end of the day it still looks like you applied it only moments ago, the lasting power is incredible. Of course, just my luck that to purchase this in Australia it costs $56 but I have a feeling that when this runs out, it will be a splurge that I am willing to make.

Those of you who have tried this out for yourself, do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Two extremely cult products - I'm so glad you're enjoying them! I haven't tried any of NARS' powder products yet, but a blush from them is definitely on my wishlist!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Oh you must Tasha, I ADORE both of these products so much and I'm sure all their other blushes are incredible too! x

  2. Ooooo you're so lucky to win this!! I haven't tried any of their products except for their concealer but the brand as a whole has some great reviews!
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. I am very lucky! What did you think of the concealer? I've seen so many youtubers use it and love it! x

  3. What a gorgeous duo, the blush is totally my kind of shade. And the bronzer just looks perfect for fair skin too!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. The bronzer is easily the best shade I've come across for pale girls. x


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