Friday, December 5, 2014

Monthly Favourites - November

It's December, which means that it is the last month of 2014, which is actually beyond my comprehension. I honestly cannot believe that it has come to the end of this crazy year, but in all honestly I am actually relieved!

My November favourites are, in my opinion, a special bunch. I discovered some new makeup, continued to love old favourites and found an Op-shop gem that I've been loving.

My face favourite is a bit of a funny one this month because I've still not formulated an opinion on the product despite it being basically the only face product I've used! In early November I purchased the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation in Priceline's 40% off sale, totally sucked in by all the hype I had seen on some of my favourite blogs. I've used it quite regularly since and somehow still not come to a conclusion whether I like it or not. I will do a review on it eventually but I feel like I need to come to some kind of decision about it first!

It's really no surprise that the Naked palette is my favourite for this month - the moment I got it it was love at first sight. This palette is the most perfect combination of golds and browns, my two favourite eyeshadow shades. It does have a bit of fallout which is actually really quite frustrating (I never remember to do my eye makeup before my face makeup) but it's worth it because every shade is stunning!

I know, I know, I really am cheating here with another product from last month's favourites, but I'm simply telling the truth! I am completely obsessed with the Revlon Matte Balm Stain in Elusive, it is perfect! This is my go-to product when I'm feeling lazy or don't know what to wear. It is already faded and worn from being stashed in my handbag among all the other crap I carry around! If you are a fan of the original balms by Revlon or love a matte lip product, you absolutely have to try these out.

Pink and red shades are always my go-to nail polish colours but for some reason I just felt like going with a gold polish. One of my favourites is Revlon's polish in Creme Brulee (a poorly named but beautiful colour). It's a toned down gold shade that is subtle but still absolutely beautiful, quite a tasteful, classy shade.

Last but definitely not least is the other category. On one of my regular Op-shopping trips I spotted this sequinned clutch from Betts for only $4! It was such a bargain and I just adore it, having used it so many times! It's perfect for a night out with some gold jewellery and adds the perfect amount of glamour to anything!

November was certainly one of the most stressful months of this year with my final high school exams and the end of year celebrations but it was a good one and I am glad that December has arrived in preparation for what will hopefully be an amazing year in 2015!


  1. Urgh, I just wrote my comment but had to sign in to google and it ate it! Congrats on finishing your exams and finding that gorgeous clutch, I love a bargain!! I'm like you with the foundation, I've been using Rimmel's Match Perfection and I can't decide if I really like it, or if I just use it because it's there lol :)

    1. I hate it when Google does that! Thank you lovely, it is the most amazing feeling being free of those awful exams! Yep, I totally have been using the foundation simply because it's there and I seriously cannot come up with an opinion on it! x

  2. Hi Candice! Long time no comment from me!

    I love that clutch of yours because it will be perfect for all the parties and frivolity of the holiday season. You loving your Naked palette reminds me I must pull mine out and give it a good go once and for all - I've only used it a couple of times and I agree about the fallout (which was a bit off putting at first) but the end results are lovely. I might just devote an entire week to the palette and really put it to the test! :)

    1. Absolutely wonderful timing with the clutch, I hadn't quite thought about it that way but it certainly is a Christmas find! The Naked palette is so worth sticking to, despite its fallout. I would LOVE to see a post about a week using the Naked palette :) x

  3. What a pretty clutch, definitely appropriate for the festivities! Elusive is a nice shade, urgh I'm still torn about getting the matte balms to try for myself...
    And I'm relieved 2014 is over too! I've never felt so tired haha exams -_-

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. You have to try at least one of the matte balms Sheri, YOU HAVE TO! :)

  4. Such a nice clutch, what a bargain! I always do my eye makeup first which makes things easier, but I adore my Naked palette so much! It's much more used than yours is, yours looks so pretty still haha

    1. Getting the Naked Palette was such a good decision! x


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