Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arbonne Lip Polish in Rasin

I recently received this Arbonne lip polish to review and I thought I'd share my views about it considering it was such a surprising product. 

I'm not going to lie, when this first arrived I was a bit unsure about it. The photos depict it to be a slightly different shade (on a side note, I had so much trouble photographing this!), but in fact it is quite a dark plummy kind of shade. It's very a much a jewel toned red with deep purple/maroon undertones, and whilst it is gorgeous it can be kind of scary too!

The packaging, as is always the case with Arbonne, is super classy and of an excellent quality. I love the clear tube with the silver print, black lid and embossed logo on the top. Most importantly, this comes with a doe foot applicator making it ridiculously easy to apply and unlikely to leak everywhere. 

The nature of this product is actually a little difficult to explain. It's kind of a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid however it also incorporates a stain too. Basically it is a magical mash up of all the good aspects of every type of lip product, and as such has been coined 'lip polish,' and appropriate name when you take into consideration the overall finish it gives to the lips.

This is in no way sticky or uncomfortable to wear, which is incredibly important for me because excluding just a couple of products, lipglosses and I don't tend to get along. Sometimes glosses can leave big strings of product when you pull the applicator out, a clear indication that it will be horribly sticky, but this most certainly does not do that! It is so silky and smooth on the lips, in fact after about ten minutes I forgot I was even wearing it.

I found the scent to be a little strange, a kind of fruity pepermint. It's not my favourite scent ever but it's not terribly strong once on the lips. The pigmentation is just amazing, which unfortunately does mean you have to pay very careful attention during application because any colouring outside the lines is easily noticeable! I love the magical finish it gives whereby your lips actually look perfect, as though they belong to some kind of Disney princess. Do you know what I'm talking about? It most often happens with pigmented red lipsticks where you just look in the mirror and stare at how your lips have literally been transformed!

I love that the lip polish applies so evenly, giving a level coverage of the product all over the lips. Some products of a similar nature can be a little patchy but this applies perfectly. No flaky areas or fine lines are accentuated, and as time goes by and the product wears off, it wears evenly and leaves a lovely berry stain behind.

Though it gives a glossy finish, I wouldn't describe it as overtly glossy which I actually enjoy much more. I feel as though the glosses that just look like a thick layer of slime on your lips are less appealing and more, well, tacky. A slight but appropriate level of shine looks much classier and less Barbie doll like.

This is pretty long lasting in my opinion, wearing well for a couple of hours (although eating and drinking does decrease the wear time significantly). Glosses are notorious for slipping off within half an hour but this has stamina!

For $37, I'll admit that it's not exactly cheap, however neither are MAC lipglasses and I like the formulation of this product a million times better! I am so freaking impressed with this unsuspecting product and I comment Arbonne for creating a product I will be wearing regularly (despite that it's not really an everyday kind of shade)! I have no choice but to give this 9/10.


  1. It's such a gorgeous plum shade! It looks really scarily shimmery in the tube. Glad that it's not too noticeable! It kinda sounds like the L'oreal shine caresse lip stains. I love long-wearing lipglosses so this sounds lovely :)

    1. I knew I'd forgotten to mention something! Yes, the shimmer looks crazy in the tube but it translated into a gorgeous shine that was in no way tacky or over the top. It's such a blinking gorgeous lip product! x

  2. I tried this one at an Arbonne 'party' and it looked so good on everyone! Kicking myself that I didn't actually purchase it! :)

  3. That's definitely pricey, but sounds like a good one!

  4. I've been seeing Arbonne products pop up on my blog news feed more and more! This does sound like such a gorgeous lip gloss, despite me not being a fan of glosses! The shade looks so classy though, great for night time wear :) It is unbelievable how expensive MAC's lipglasses are!

    1. They are honestly such good quality products, I am a huge fan. This lip colour is also just perfect (even though I was a bit unsure to start with). x


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